Carry On For Two

Music © 2010 J. Oscar Bittinger Words © 2010 Lauran & J. Oscar Bittinger

You can’t chase painted ponies no more The way I do Can’t find your balance on a spinning floor Though you try to

CHORUS I can carry on for two I can carry on for two Don’t you worry I’ll carry on for you RIFF

People don’t always “get me” The way you do I still sing a little out of key Without you (yeah I do…)


BRIDGE Can’t keep saying “on with the show” Gotta know when it’s time to go Still a thrill standing in the dark When the downbeat hits And the curtains part

Never thought this carousel ride Would stop At a place where the two of us wouldn’t Both step off (I wanna ride on…)


Started at Lamb’s Retreat 2009: November 7 |  2010: January; April 29; May 8; June 2; September 18