Glorious Ordinary Day

© 1996  J. Oscar Bittinger

Standing at the window drinking coffee Twenty stories up Friday morning and the streets full Watch the people ‘Scurrying ’round, ’round, ’round, (’round, ’round, ’round) On a park bench in the sunshine Sit the mothers And the nannies minding children What a thrill then climbing up high And sliding down, down down (down, down, down)

BRIDGE 1 Sailboats bob upon a dappled bay Busses hurry by and new leaves sway Isn’t it a Glorious Ordinary Day?

In the office telephones ring Paper shuffling Get to your next meeting on time Gotta deadline Deals at lunchtime Going down, down, down (down, down, down)

BRIDGE 2 Warships sail across an oil slicked bay Read all about it as your taxi speeds away It’s another Glorious Ordinary Day

RAMP Runners wearing headphones Don’t hear drug dealers or dogs bark A tearful soldier salutes the names on the monument In the park lovers laze Late afternoon haze Cover’s them until dark

In the kitchen supper’s ready Smells so good The waitress offers coffee To the traveler Bartender smiles Sun is going down, down, down Down, down, down  
1996: Spring